Investing in Real Estate with Ryan Byrne in Huntington Beach California


Ryan:  Hi, I’m Ryan Byrne, real estate agent here in Orange County. I’m here with homeowner investor Fabien. Fabien?


Fabien:  Good evening, Ryan.


Ryan:  Thanks for joining me today. Why don’t you share with everyone why we met and what we’re trying to achieve?


Fabien:  So, we’ve been living in California for about seven years and we are really interested in buying real estate in Orange County, real estate in California. We wanted actually to join this booming market and start to invest in the Orange County markets.


Ryan:  Okay, so you’re ready to invest in this area. Now, I started off before we got into anything, I shared with you the thumbnail sketch of my investor philosophy, which is if you’re investing in real estate and not getting a 30-50% return on average annually on your real estate investment, you’re probably doing something way, way wrong.


You’ve been investing for real estate for years. Most people investing in real estate aren’t earning anywhere near that and they don’t even know it. How do you feel about that when I said it at first and then how do you feel about it after we went step by step exactly how that works?


Fabien:  Well, the process for joining the real estate and investing in the housing market can be a little scary because there is a lot of unknown and what I really like in your investor philosophy is very simple, very clean presentation with simple math and with facts. Things that are easy to verify and to check. Once we went through this strategy, it was absolutely making sense.


I spent some time after to think about it, to reflect about what you explained to us and it is just—the reality is just what happened.


Ryan:  Yeah, great, I’m glad you benefitted from that. What do you think you like the most about everything that we covered?


Fabien:  The way you explained us this market and your philosophy is a step by step process. If I remember, I was taking notes and I was marking every point and now it’s what I’m using to think about the investment. I remember your six-step process and I’m using that as a reference. I think it was great from you to give us these tools to invest in the real estate.


Ryan:  Okay, great. How do you feel about the prospects of investing in real estate going forward?


Fabien:  I feel I got the ammunition today, I got the method that I can follow. I think I got a much better understanding on what I can expect in terms of return. I will need to do all my due diligence before investing in a new house for investment, and I have now a method that will help me to build my business plan because it’s more or less a business plan that I need to put in place now.


Ryan:  Yeah, okay. Now, if you were to recommend me to someone who has been investing in real estate for a long time, or maybe just thinking about getting into real estate for the first time, what would you say?


Fabien:  I would definitely recommend whatever is level of knowledge and expertise, to have a look to spend some time listening to your approach because it’s, again, it is very simple. It’s fact-based and I think people would benefit a lot from learning from these key points.


Ryan:  Yeah, okay.


Well, there you heard it. I’m Ryan Byrne, real estate agent here in Orange County. When you’re ready to buy, sell or invest, feel free to give me a call. I’m happy to help.

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